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From fundamentals to the game's movement specific skills, learn from a structured curriculum created by our coaches. 

Throughout this course you will master the fundamentals of football:
1. Ball Mastery
2. Introduction to passing
3. Basics of shooting
4. Defending Techniques
5. Introduction to Goalkeeping

Course FAQs

Do I have to pay to access the course?

No, you can enrol for the Beginner Free package at no cost. Simply register to get started and get access to free videos on demand, RB Leipzig challenge sessions and learn football in a structured manner. 
Also, you can get much more and interact with our coaches, get access to new sessions and get a dedicated training plan with our paid Beginner packages.

What are the timings for the course?

The course has no fixed timings, you can learn at your own pace. You can view sessions and access resources whenever you want. We will also notify you when there are any live masterclasses / interactions / value-add sessions.

Is there a selection criteria for the course?

No! Anyone who wants to learn football between 6-18 years of age can apply for this course. Limited slots are available for the paid packages, so make sure that you apply now!

When does the course begin?

This course begins on the 15th of February 2021.
The last date to register for the Beginner Max 3 month program is 10th February 2021*.
The last date to register for the Beginner Standard 1 month program is 10th April 2021*.
There is no last date to register for the Beginner Free program.
*The Beginner Standard & Max packages have limited slots that will be allotted on first come basis. 

What is RB Leipzig’s role in this course?

FC Goa and RB Leipzig have joined hands to provide the best online soccer coaching platform in the country in a curriculum structured by experts from both the Clubs. We bring you exclusive training resources, such as training sessions and challenges straight from Leipzig. Participants of the 3 month Beginner Course will also get an exclusive RB Leipzig and FC Goa training jersey. 

Will I get invited for trials?

The participants of the Beginner Max package get an opportunity to become eligible for receiving FC Goa trial invitations as well as will be the first ones to know about on-ground camps taking place in locations across India.

Can I do this course on my own or do I need to consult a coach?

This course is designed to help you learn from wherever you are and at your own pace. For further guidance or active feedback, you can enrol in any of the paid course packages and interact with FC Goa coaches.

Do I need specialised training equipment for this course?

No! If you have a football - you're basically good to go. Certain drills may require markers or hurdles, but if you don't have these, You can use everyday items (such as water bottles, towels or even empty containers) to mark your training space.

How do I get the FC Goa X RB Leipzig Jersey?

The FC Goa x RB Leipzig Jersey is available exclusively to participants of the paid Beginner 3 month course only. Enrol for the Beginner Max package to get your hands on it!

Will I be able to interact with FC Goa coaches?

Yes, if you have enrolled in any of the paid Beginner packages. You will receive bi-monthly online interactions with FC Goa Coaches. You will also have an option to send your videos for any specific issues that you want the coach to check.

What is a training plan and how is it useful for me?

A training plan outlines regular sessions for a player focusing on developing specific skills through a schedule created by our licensed coaches. Training Plans are available with any of our paid Beginner packages.

Does this course offer certification?

Yes! If you have enrolled for any of the paid Beginner packages, you get a certificate from FC Goa & RB Leipzig upon completing the entire course.

How can I pay for the course?

You can pay online using different payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, net-banking, UPI and select wallets. You may be charged a convenience fee for online payments.

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NOTE: Beginner Standard & Beginner Max have limited slots